Black & mild brand of cigars are a smoker%u2019s delight. The unique experience offered has made them enjoy the status of being one of the most preferred brands among youngsters. Among the many outstanding features of these cigars, the sweet smelling smoke produced by them is a prominent one. The brand upholds the slogan %u2019smells great, tastes good%u2019 as part of its aggressive marketing strategy.
Black & mild brand of cigars are seeing ever surging popularity rise which can also be attributed to a wide range of choices it makes available to customers. The cigars come in various tastes and flavors like Gold & Mild, cherry, cherry-vanilla, original, mild, fast-break, apple, wine, and cream.

The method involved in the freaking of Black and mild cigars in a matter of minutes do need special mention. In the process of freaking a cigar, one needs to primarily have the cigar rolled gently to have the tobacco loosened without taking off the plastic wrapper.  The wrapper is then slipped off after the tobacco is tapped off into it. The cigar is then held fast above the plastic mouthpiece and twisted and kept aside. Following this, the vacant cigar tube is emptied of the filter lining and the loose tobacco is dropped back into the cigar paper and is packed within.  The cigar is now ready to be smoked.
The smoker can take heart to relish his cigar now with cheap insurance rate available for them. Many term life insurance companies treat cigar smokers as tobacco users and hike the insurance rate 2-3 times more than the non smokers.

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